Rashid Darden is an acclaimed author who chooses to use the fictive word as a vehicle for social change.  His influences are wide and varied, from Paul Beatty and Saul Williams to Jackie Collins and Stephen King.

Because of the dearth of such stories in his literary upbringing, his novels will always include characters who are gay or bisexual men of color.

Lazarus, the first entry in the Potomac University Series, introduces Adrian Collins, an ambitious college student in the nation’s capital who pledges his father’s fraternity.  Unknown to the members, he harbors a deep secret: his boyfriend.

Covenant, the second entry in the Potomac University Series, follows Adrian Collins as he navigates the fraternity world, as well as his blossoming friendship with Isaiah Aiken, the breakout star of the  basketball team.

Epiphany, the satisfying conclusion of the Potomac University Series, finds Adrian Collins at a crossroads.  With old enemies and new friends, Adrian will finally become the man that the world needs.

The Life and Death of Savion Cortez is the first volume of poetry from Rashid Darden.  The poems are inspired by the character Savion Cortez from the Potomac University Series.

Birth of a Dark Nation, the first installment of the Dark Nation Series, is the story of African vampires brought to America during the transatlantic slave trade, told through the eyes of Justin Kena, an average guy living an average life in modern Washington, DC.

  • A standalone e-book for Smith & Jones: Young Americans.
  • Perhaps a memoir?
  • The continuation of the Dark Nation series.
  • A novel set in the same universe as Lazarus, Covenant, and Epiphany.
  • Or maybe something else entirely.