Meet Adrian Collins.
Young. Gifted. Black. Gay.

In Lazarus, Adrian is a sophomore attending Potomac University, a private and predominately white institution in Washington, DC. He is popular and deeply entrenched in student life. With his best friend Nina at his side, he is able to gloss over the deeper issues in his life which include an absent father, emotionally distant mother, and his own loneliness. Adrian soon meets Savion Cortez, a beautiful and sensitive poet at Potomac who sweeps Adrian off his feet, but his love proves to be no match against the promise of lifelong brotherhood when Adrian pledges Beta Chi Phi.

In Covenant, Adrian’s story continues when he befriends the shy varsity athlete Isaiah Aiken and navigates his own relationships with his parents.

Epiphany finds Adrian’s story concluding amid new relationships and rivalries. His reputation and popularity on campus reach a zenith even while secrets just beneath the surface threaten to break through.

The Life and Death of Savion Cortez is a volume of poetry that serves as an alternate narrative to the trilogy from another point of view.