A novelist who became a writing teacher;
a believer in justice through philanthropy and service.

Rashid Darden was born in Washington, DC in the Summer of 1979.  He attended DC Public Schools and graduated from Calvin Coolidge High School in 1997.  While in school, he traveled to Moscow, Russia, on an exchange program with other classmates.  He was active in Student Government, Future Business Leaders of America, and was Co-Captain of the Cheerleaders.  He received his first award in writing from the Metropolitan Chapter of The Links, Inc., for his short story “Vampires at Camp.”

Rashid graduated from Georgetown University in 2001.  It was on the Hilltop where Rashid, under the tutelage of novelist Dennis A. Williams, began to pursue a career in writing.  He also honed his photography skills as a member of the yearbook staff.  Other activities included the Georgetown University Step Team, which he founded, and Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, where he served as Vice President and Pledgemaster.

Rashid briefly attended American University for advanced study in Creative Writing.

Rashid has maintained an interest in photography and writing over the years.  Additionally, he became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Gamma Xi Phi Professional Arts Fraternity, and the Federal City Club.  He enjoys travel, films, television, Tarot reading, live music, and all things fraternity and sorority life.

Rashid Darden is a novelist.

Rashid’s first three novels are a trilogy consisting of Lazarus (2005), Covenant (2011), and Epiphany (2012).  Each novel was published by Old Gold Soul Press to critical acclaim.  The novels told the collected stories of Adrian Collins, a gay college sophomore who pledges a predominately black fraternity; how he deals with the cycle of hazing; and how he navigates both family and romantic relationships. The books resonated deeply with many in the African American, LGBT, and fraternal communities, earning Rashid fans that span the generations.  A companion volume of poetry entitled The Life and Death of Savion Cortez was released in 2011.

Rashid’s novel is Birth of a Dark Nation (2013), the first in the Dark Nation series, the stories of African vampires brought to America during the transatlantic slave trade.

His short story “Smith & Jones: Young Americans” was first published in 47 – 16 : Short Fiction and Poetry Inspired by David Bowie (Volume I).

When he is not writing, Rashid teaches writing to young adults in the District of Columbia. He also spends time volunteering through multiple nonprofit organizations and associations.  He is available for public speaking engagements on a multitude of topics

The Writer

  • Lazarus 
  • Covenant
  • Epiphany
  • The Life and Death of Savion Cortez
  • Birth of a Dark Nation
  • “Smith & Jones: Young Americans”

The Educator

  • Learning Facilitator (Founding Humanities Teacher), Sustainable Futures Public Charter School [Current]
  • Instructor, LAYC Career Academy (Reading, Writing, and DC History) [Previously]
  • Facilitator, #DavidBowieSyllabus
  • Facilitator, #NatTurnerSyllabus
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • National Association of Black Male Educators
  • Alpha Phi Omega Educators Alumni Association

The Servant

  • Mentor for the Georgetown Scholarship Program, 2014-Present
  • Past National President of Gamma Xi Phi Professional Arts Fraternity, 2015-2017
  • Program Chairman, National Alumni Relations Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, 2017-Present
  • Director of Alpha University (Eastern Region), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 2017-Present
  • Recording Secretary of Mu Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 2017-Present
  • President, Federal City Club, 2016-Present
  • Member, National Association of Parliamentarians
  • Member, American Institute of Parliamentarians
  • Volunteer, DC Recovery Community Alliance


  • Distinguished Service Key, Mu Alpha Alumni Association, Alpha Phi Omega, 2015
  • Greek Man of the Year, Greek Tweak, 2013
  • Advisor of the Year, Section 85, Alpha Phi Omega, 2011
  • Guardian Angel Award, Words, Beats, & Life, 2009
  • Distinguished Service Key, Section 85, Alpha Phi Omega, 2009
  • Alumni Vision of Excellence Award, Georgetown Black Student Alliance, 2007
  • Elite 25 Award in Literature, Clik Magazine, 2006
  • Neophyte of the Year, Mu Lambda Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 2003
  • Vision of Excellence Award, Georgetown Black Student Alliance, 2001






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