29 days until my big trip!  I’m excited.  But man… it’s going to be a long 29 days.

Today I found this super dope sketchbook at Michael’s and used my 50% off coupon, so it was only about six bucks.  I have a few sketchbooks that I use as a journal and for meeting minutes, but I wanted one just for my trip.  Thought I was going to get basic black like I always do, but lo and behold they had one with an old map of the world as the outside design.  Love it.  Already personalized the inside in case it gets lost over there.

I am trying something unusual for me for this trip: I am not checking luggage.  Just taking a carry-on.


Yup.  Spending a week in London with just a carry-on and a book bag.  No checked luggage.  Why?

Well, first of all, I reserve the right to buy a suitcase when I get there just for my souvenirs.  LOL.  But mostly I am trying to live more simply in general, and hit the ground running when I touchdown in London.  I don’t want to take forever at the airport.  Also, it will be Easter Sunday when I get there and I intend to go to a Quaker meeting not long after I get off the plane.  Nobody wants to go to church with a huge suitcase.  Frankly, I’d think I was a terrorist.  Yeah, a book bag and small carry on will be fine.

I am not even carrying books or magazines!  I am finally going to use this Kindle.

This week, I wrapped up downloading stuff to my laptop, too.  Burned some of my favorite DVDs and downloaded some movies and shows from Vudu.  I think I will be good for any downtime on the plane, in airports, etc.

I know this all sounds really mundane.  For what I’ve been going through over the past few months, I am really relishing the mundane right now.