I am going to London for Spring Break.

In fact, I land in London on Easter Sunday, which I did not realize at the time I booked my flight.  Got my plane tickets and Airbnb last fall.  Started using Digit to save my spending money.  Been working on my itinerary for fun ever since.

I even went ahead and caught a cold now so I can get it out of the way before I travel.  How forward-thinking of me.

I am really really excited.  My best vacations are ones where I get to soak up a lot of culture, eat, shop… I don’t need to rappel off buildings or bake in the sun.  I just want to absorb the environment and learn something.  I also hope I pick up some knowledge to give to my students when I get back.

And of course I want to see some historic sites related to David Bowie.

Let the countdown begin!