It has been quite a long time since my last update.  Please forgive me, people.

I became a writing teacher a few months ago and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made for myself as a novelist.  For me, this feels like the ultimate act of service as a writer.  I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing students who have enjoyed our readings and take their development as writers very seriously.

In the fall, we will be working on an interdisciplinary unit about Nat Turner.  If you’d like to help my class by donating new resources that they may keep, or donating some books which will help me format this lesson, please visit my Amazon Wish List and purchase what you’d like.   I am providing acknowledgments via social media shout outs!

As for my own writing, I have finally decided what I’ll be working on next.  I am on vacation from school for a few weeks and I’m currently out of town visiting friends.  When I return, I will be throwing myself head-first into this most recent novel, with a goal of writing a good fourth of it by the time I return to the classroom.  I will be delving deeper into horror, as always writing a story from an urban and African American perspective.  (Although I do realize that I have no gay characters as of yet – I need to rectify that.)

So I posted a picture of mobsters because I love the phrase “in this lifestyle” as made popular by Renee Graziano from Mob Wives.  I’m definitely not speaking of that lifestyle, though.  Instead, I am referring to the teacher lifestyle.

I’ve heard arguments against saying the word “teacher” and instead saying “educator” but I greatly prefer “teacher.”  To me, it embodies who I feel I am on a day to day basis:  The novelist who became a teacher.  I love going to work every day.  I hate taking days off when I’m sick.  I love helping the students put the pieces together.  I freaking love the Socratic method.  Most of all, I love watching the students be enveloped by a single story or book for a few weeks and delving into all aspects of that story.  With The Color Purple, we listened to soundtracks and audiobooks, watched the film, discussed the musical, and of course read the book.

I never felt this passionate about fundraising.  I only feel this passionately about writing novels and teaching writing.  Two sides of the same coin, I guess.

I think I am also quite into this because I am child-free.  (Not childless, but child-free.)  I get to teach an age group that I like. I also do academic advising and mentoring, too.  So I feel very fulfilled on each level.

That’s about all I want to share right now.  Y’all take care and be safe.