So I saw Fifty  Shades of Black over the weekend.  The reviews were hilarious!  I was like “Finally, a parody film I can believe in!”


Fifty Shades of Black was not a terrible movie, but the script was weak as hell.  You could tell like one Wayans wrote it and never got a second opinion, and that’s too bad.  Some of the jokes just were not funny at all.

But when the movie is funny, it is hella funny!  I laughed so hard at one point I thought I couldn’t stop.  I thought I literally might have to excuse myself from the theater and get myself together.

Those moments were few and far between, though.

There were, of course, black people in it.  D’uh.  It was a Wayans movie.  But the brand of blackness was so base, so corny, and so uninspired that I was reminded why I never watch Wayans movies, even on television.

Fifty  Shades of Black did not murder my soul like it murdered my friend’s, but yes, you can live your life without ever watching it and you will be okay.


Rashid Darden is a novelist.