Last week I got to meet several cast members from Days of Our Lives!  I’ve been a fan since 1988 or so.    It was also my first fan event.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the show, a book called Days of Our Lives 50 Years was published.  A book tour happened with a surprise stop in Washington.  I waited for hours with a bunch of really nice people who had been fans for most of their lives as well, including a few from the very beginning.  I definitely want to attend another event now!


I waited for about three hours with these people who were already here when I arrived.


Nadia Bjorlin is really pretty in person. I told her that her face was BEAT. Then I had to explain what that meant. Oops.


Doug and Susan Hayes were incredibly sweet and gracious.


Greg Meng, editor of the Days anniversary book, was also really nice.


Awkward photo, but I need you all to see Bryan Datillo’s arms. Like wow.


Deidre Hall was pleasant.


Greg, Deidre, and Bryan.


Me, Nadia, and Bryan.


Doug and Susan.