I try to only support those films and television shows that have black characters, preferably in leading roles. I don’t dislike white people.  I just really make a conscious effort to support art, culture, and media that is reflective of my experience and that of my people.  I think something happens to the souls of people of color when they don’t see themselves.

So when I signed up for MoviePass, the service which allows you to see as many movies as there are days in the month for a small monthly fee, I knew I was going to have to see “white” films if I was going to get my money’s worth.

The first film I saw was Trainwreck with Amy Schumer.  I had wanted to see Dope, but that had already left my local theater.  Gallows was also on my list, but it got terrible reviews.  So Trainwreck it was.  I literally knew nothing about the movie except it was supposed to be some sort of bawdy romantic comedy with some familiar faces from Saturday Night Live and some cameos and walk-ons from other celebrities I was familiar with.

Since you can get full reviews elsewhere, I will just share the three most important things:

  • I really did enjoy the movie!
  • Bill Hader is like really cute to me.
  • There really were black people in it!

No, it wasn’t a predominately black cast, but I enjoyed not only the portrayal of the black people who were present, but the real (if not awkward) discussions of race among the white people in the movie.  There were a few jokes that were related to black folks/hip-hop/urban culture that clearly flew over the heads of many in my theater, but earned hearty guffaws from the people of color sitting near me.

Look out for LeBron James, Method Man, Leslie Jones, Tim Meadows, Amar’e Stoudemire, and a few others making notable appearances.

Again, it was a great movie and I am glad it kicked off my MoviePass experience.  (And if you want to try MoviePass, please click on the link to use my referral code.)