PWA friend wanted to know about her relationship prospects over the next year.  She and I talk about this sort of thing all the time, but she wanted to know what the cards would say with some detail: the who, the how, the when.  I drew the Page of Wands.

I told the friend that based on this card, she would meet a man who was young, but established and successful.  He is confident and emotional—not a weak sort of emotional, but a fiery sort.  In the back of my head, I was thinking “Sounds like a Cancer man, probably.”

Then my mind wandered a bit to an episode of The Real World (as it always does) and this kind of man came up:

Yes, fiery.

Anyway, after we talked it out, she confided that a man fitting this description was already on the horizon!  I hadn’t known about this guy and her reading confirmed that she was on the proper trajectory.  Still, I told her to be on the lookout–just because the man she was talking to fit the description so far didn’t mean there wasn’t a similar model coming off the assembly line just for her.

If you would like your own tarot reading with even more detail, send me a message.  The price is right and we’ll have a great time!