A friend had a special inquiry about an endeavor she was embarking upon.  She’s very active in her community, church, and is a busy career woman.  She’s currently starting a massive project that will require support from many areas of her life.  She wanted to know what was on the mind and in the heart of a specific colleague who had the ability to say yes or no to a request.

RW3CI drew the Three of Cups. I immediately had a positive reaction in my heart, but as a skeptic, I delved deeper and listened to what the universe was trying to tell me.

My friend’s endeavor would be a success, but why?  And why was she having trouble in these starting stages?

Well, I looked at the three women on this card as the three women who would bring the success:  the workers, represented by the woman in red; the supporters, represented by the woman in white; and the leader, the woman in gold and white.  All women are necessary, all women helped, all women celebrated, but only one brought the grapes!  She is the leader and she wants what’s best for you, but give her time to get this thing figured out so she can determine the best way to support.

This was a fun read and I enjoyed coaching my friend through this issue as she continues on the path to greatness!

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