Welcome to Tarot Tuesdays 2015!  Every other Wednesday I will be writing about my experiences as a tarot reader.  Several friends, acquaintances, and nice people that I know have volunteered for a one-card reading lasting about 20 minutes.  I will share what happened in these readings with all of you.

Just a note: I am not a psychic and I do not believe that I personally can predict the future.  I view tarot as a fun method of deciphering what’s going on in your life by decoding symbols that are presented to us.

Now, onward to the reading.

Yesterday, I drew a card for a very nice young lady I met the last time I visited New Orleans, though she is a west coaster herself.  She wanted to know what her romantic prospects were, and more specifically whether she already knew the person she was meant to be with.

RWS_Tarot_07_ChariotI drew The Chariot, reversed.  That means the card was upside-down.  (For the record, I strongly prefer the Rider-Waite deck with images drawn by Pamela Colman Smith.)

The Chariot is typically a card representative of success and triumph.  It can also be seen as an admonishment against arrogance.  But in the reversed position it takes on a slightly different meaning.

When it’s upside-down, I told my client, it means a victory that’s a little more…messy.  I asked her “Do you watch Scandal?  Well, in the upright position, this card could be seen as Olivia Pope–a victory of the good guys, the white hats.  But reversed, this card is more like Cyrus Beene than Olivia Pope.  A winner, yes.  But a good guy?  M’eh…”

So what did this card mean in the sense of love and relationships?  My intuition told me that this card did not describe my client, but the man who would be entering her life.  I was certain this was not a man already in her world.  This guy would be new–accomplished, affluent, and flashy.  He would be new money, not old-guard wealth.  He would be great for adventures and a short-lived good time, but he was not the one to be settling down with.

Avoid him if you want to, I told her.  But if you do engage him, make sure you understand that this guy is a winner, but he’s not the good guys.  Be careful, and leave room for the guy who is supposed to be there.

She was pleased with the reading?  Why?

She had gone to a psychic this weekend who told her the same thing.

will smith what oohI screamed.  “Are you kidding me?” I asked.  Yep, she had gone to a psychic who read her palm and told her she would meet a fast-talking, new-money man who would be good in the short term, but someone was coming who would be far better for her.

Clearly, I was shocked at the similarities, since I clearly did not know the psychic and didn’t know the details of the query until the day of the reading.

But what fun, right?  These are the lessons we can learn through the symbols of a tarot reading.  I’m looking forward to a check-in with her in about six months to see what’s going on.

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