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This summer, Greekdom was in an uproar over the reality show “Sorority Sisters” that was threatening to cross over into the pantheon of ratchet reality shows.  It seemed as though Mona Scott Young was attached to the project at that time.  Petitions were circulated asking, begging, and pleading VH1 to not move forward with this.

But it’s here, so get ready.  According to VH1, Mona isn’t even producing this, so I don’t know.

I watch a lot of television.  Like, a lot.  So I’m not going to boycott this particular show when I could be boycotting a whole lot of other ones before it. I’ll watch it and decide if I want to watch a second episode.  But I’ve watched every other Greek-related show out there, so why not this one, too?

Let me know what you think when you’ve seen it.