LaDoSC Cover draft



i was born in diana’s tide
with a caul over my third eye
and my umbilical cord around my neck
i was wet
like the forests of the hesperides
i inhaled and swallowed neptune’s froth
drunk with his children, i envisioned our love
an octopus crowning your head
we became one

i am touched in the head

i grew to the age of twenty-one
in as many seconds
ejaculating myself from the tide pool,
i exhaled and created you
one sliver of my thoughts yielded you
this is why i own you

i must be psycho
because i followed my visions of sameness
and conquered my fears to be with
you are me
because you are crazy
if we were to join, we would not cancel out
but multiply like crabs on the ocean floor
i would kill your thoughts
before i kill myself
wipe your slate clean and re-assimilate you
into my collective

i am loco…

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