It’s funny how the above video has apparently been on Vimeo for 11 months but only just went viral (in my world) this morning.  In the space of an hour, three different friends told me about this video and asked for my comments.

After watching it yourself, I think you can understand that I am not necessarily a fan.  It definitely seemed like an interesting concept, but you can tell there are already some “characters” in the bunch who just want to be famous for the wrong reasons.

If I was going to be Executive Producer for an unscripted show about sorority life, here’s how it would go:

First, I’d call it “Joiners” and I wouldn’t limit it to sororities.

I’d cast an AKA, a Delta, a Link, a Jack and Jill mom, and an OES member.  My hope is that all five women know each other from their community work.  I’d want them to be in their late 30s at least so the world can see that membership really is for life.  And I want different types of orgs so the women can discuss why one might be in more than one.

I’d follow them from September through May as each woman plans their chapter’s major social/philanthropic event for the year.  I’d love some sort of friendly competition among the five, like who can raise the most money with their events.

Of course I’d want to follow them on service projects, conventions, parties, church, etc.

Joiners should be more documentary and less ratchet.  Which means it would only last a season, but at least it could be a season we’d be proud of.

I’d choose DC over Atlanta, but Baltimore or Philadelphia would be just as good.

Anyway, as far as the above project, I can see why it didn’t go anywhere.  The women involved are too young to be interesting, if you ask me, and too old and educated to be ratchet.

What do you think?