So there was a short list of like four things which needed to be improved to the covers of Lazarus and Covenant before they went to press.  People who own the original Lazarus, hold on to them because they are going to be collector’s items.

Neil (my cover designer) and I made some decisions about the font we’d be using and we discontinued the use of the original Old Gold Soul logo.

The Epiphany cover is  still in the works.

All in all, if the cover review process keeps going this well, Lazarus and Covenant will be available to the public in less than two weeks.  Again, I can’t pinpoint a date — just stay tuned.




Yesterday wasn’t a terrible day at work, but it wasn’t my most productive, either.  I just had somewhat of an epiphany (see what I did there?) that I would really rather just be writing novels.  This is not exactly a new realization, but I don’t think I’ve internalized that before as much as I do now.  So I am officially on my grind like never before.

If you’ve happened upon this page for the first time, please know that this right here is my official facebook page.   I really want people to “like” that instead of trying to friend my personal page.  I prefer facebook to twitter, however I’ve got an account there, too.  Please spread the word.

Well, I’m already late for work and I’ve got to show my apartment this evening to some potential roommates.  You all be good.  And if you can’t be good, just be yourselves.  (With thanks to Jonathan White.)