Hey everyone!  Just a brief note to let you know I am still alive and rejuvenated for 2011!

As many of you know, I ran for a national position in Alpha Phi Omega last week and I did not win.  It was a pretty tough loss.  Even though I’m still sort of young in APO years, I definitely felt as though I was ready for the challenge and had proved it in my experience.  Unfortunately, the Nominating Committee didn’t agree.  I was encouraged to run from the floor (which I initially said I didn’t want to do), but I lost anyway.

I’m definitely not a sore loser.  At the same time, I’ve literally spent years of my life trying to convince more members of color to remain engaged in the work of the fraternity.  To lose to a slate which doesn’t look like me or the many brothers I’ve tried to inspire over the years honestly hurts.

I still love APO, of course, but this one is going to take some time to heal from.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the convention overall, in spite of the downright disrespectful amounts of construction at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.  One of the hotel restaurants was closed the whole time we were there, as was the convenient indoor walkway to the food court across the street.  My undergrads had a good time, though, and they won several awards.

The next convention will be in Anaheim in 2012.  I reckon I’ll be there!