It’s day 10 of NaNoWriMo and CLEARLY I am not a third of the way through this novel.  Ugh.  But in a sense, I knew I wouldn’t complete 50k in thirty days this year.  Maybe I will if I allow myself time.

It’s been an overwhelming month and even though I’ve prioritized properly, it just sucks that what I want to do gets the least amount of time.

Case in point:  I hate my job.  In the last version of my blog, I hated my job.  Before then, I hated that job, too.  There is a pattern here.  One would assume that if everything else changes, and I still hate my job, then common sense tells you that I am the common denominator.

But does that mean that I am a bad employee or does it mean that I am just not doing what I love?  I vote for the latter, though I would still argue that I also have just not been very lucky in the places that I’ve worked.

Still, I have to apply for jobs because I need a full-time gig.  I really do believe that I have a lot to offer a nonprofit organization, but in the past year, none of the ones which I’ve felt strongly about have felt the same way about me.


Anyway, though I am slightly overwhelmed, I am still good, and quite happy with the content of my latest novel so far.  It’s called Dark Nation and it’s my first bit of speculative fiction.   Octavia Butler meets Dead Prez?  Just maybe.